fanuc a06b6150 aips-hv FANUC A06B-6150 aiPS-HV fanuc alpha hv i power supply
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fanuc alpha supply drive unit


DNC Germany offer Fanuc A06B-6150 Alpha HVi Power Supply Module PSM 400 volt - used on I generation of System 0i-C, 15i, 16i, 18i, 21i controls for medium to massive CNC machine tools around the Asia Pacific region, including, Australia, India, China, Singapore, Pakistan, Thailand, New Zealand, Malyasia, etc. High Voltage PSM-HVi Fanuc Alpha 6150 series Alpha power supplies for the 400v high voltage spindle and servo modules, SPM-HVi & SVM-HVi respectively to run with 180 day warranty offered on varied rating of PSMiHV dependant on machine tool application. DNC carry all a selection of the 6150 series of GE Fanuc Alpha HVI Power Supply Module for Europe, with more within the group worldwide. PSMi services include exchange, repair and testing faciltiers if needed for the 6150 AC Alpha I power supply module. Prices and service are second too none for All Fanuc Alpha Power Modules, but especially this A06B-6150 Fanuc I alpha power supply module.

Fanuc A06B-6150 Alpha HV I Power Supply Module PSMi
A06B-6150-H018 A06B-6150-H075
A06B-6150-H026 A06B-6150-H100
fanuc A06B-6150 hvi power drives

fanuc a06b6150 hvi visafanuc a06b6150 psmi hv alpha power module mastercardfanuc alpha PSMi high voltage amplifier
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